Seamless Fund Transfers for DeFi & DEX
The world's first standalone on and off-ramp infrastructure for DeFi and DEX enthusiasts, facilitating seamless fund transfers directly from self-custodial wallets.
Elevate your financial freedom with ByBarter
ByBarter enables direct funding and withdrawal from self-custodial wallets, eliminating reliance on centralized systems.
ByBarter introduces MarketVerse, a dynamic platform designed to enhance user experience and promote comprehensive engagement within the crypto space.
ByBarter is a borderless blockchain based payment protocol that is set to redefine DeFi and crypto adoption.
On and off ramp as a service
Cross border payment solution
SelfCustodial Bank
Our ecosystem features a cutting-edge self-custodial bank that gives users unparalleled control over their assets and financial transactions.
How it works?
How it works?
Buy Crypto directly into your Metamask, Trustwallet and all major hot and cold wallets from the Bybarter platform. Exchange your fiat to crypto directly with other users online.
Buy Crypto online
Sell your Crypto at your chosen rate, and get paid in one of numerous payment methods.
Sell Crypto
Our Secure Escrow system protects users of our Platform to ensure seamless exchange of value.
Exchange with secure escrow
You are in charge of your funds! Buy and Sell your crypto directly from your hot and cold wallets and be on your way!
Non-custodial Platform
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